Preparing for a special vacation whether it’s a weekend getaway or a multi-week excursion should be fun! You’re so excited, you’ve scrimped and saved, you want to stretch every dollar as far as it can go to maximize your vacation experience and make your dream vacation a reality. You’ve dreamed about the places you’ll see, imagined the experiences you’ll have. While the Internet has made it easy for people to research and book their own travel packages, the amount of effort it takes to ensure you are getting a good deal and planning a great experience can be overwhelming.

At Escape & Explore Travel we are here to assist you. We realize that travel is not a one size fit all option. We don’t just blindly make travel recommendations, and hope you have a good time. We take the time to get to know you, your specific interests and your travel goals, so that we can provide you with our expertise based on your preferences and our firsthand knowledge of the destination. We help create unique and memorable travel experiences for our clients.


Savings, Time Management and Extra Added Value

Instead of you having to spend hours and hours researching your destination, our travel agents will do all the work for you. We find ways to add value to your trip by showing you how to maximize your budget and get more for your vacation dollars. We don’t just look for the least expensive hotel and flight options, our agents understand that an inexpensive hotel could ruin an otherwise fantastic vacation, and the least expensive flight option can sometimes result in multiple connections and airport delays. Causing you to spend precious vacation time sitting at the airport instead of lying on the beach. Our agents are looking out for your best interest and will help you select reliable vacation options. Ensuring your satisfaction is our number one goal. We know that stretching your vacation money is an important part of that. We are equipped with the latest technology to monitor air fares 24/7 in addition to having access to live hotel and resort inventory, so we can provide you with the best rates possible. We can handle every aspect of your travel needs from transportation and hotel accommodations to car rentals, restaurants and sightseeing tours.


Your Personal Travel Advocate

When you choose Escape & Explore Travel for your travel services, you can count on our agent’s professionalism and trust. Our travel agents have traveled extensively throughout the world. When planning your vacation with one of our agents, they become more than just the person who answered your call. Our agents are not only your personal travel consultant, but your personal travel advocate. We don’t just book travel, collect payment and send you on your way. If something should go wrong before, during or after your travel (missed flight, delayed flight, misplaced reservations, etc.), our travel agents are here to sort things out so you can get back to having a good time!

Expert Advice

In addition to our highly qualified agents, we also have destination specialists that live and work in many countries throughout the world. By consulting with our destination specialists before you embark on a new adventure, we can provide you with insider tips while you’re traveling in a new country. As well as advice on the best things to do and see while there. So contact Escape & Explore Travel Agency where we help make planning your vacation a breeze. Because we believe that planning your vacation should began with the same excitement and anticipation you’ll feel, once you’ve actually arrived at your destination and began to enjoy your vacation. Just give us a call or send an email today to get started on your vacation experience of a lifetime


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